Philmont Scout Ranch - Two week old beard

Philmont Scout Ranch - Two week old beard
Shaving is VERY optional at Philmont Scout Ranch

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Plan for Philmont

Ranger Jake (Jacob Phelps) has a great NEW website for planing your Trek to Philmont.

The site is go ahead and take a look.
It started out as an idea to help Scouts because he says he has had so many campers in his years as a Philmont Ranger who were not prepared and/or brought the wrong gear.

From the website:
Congratulations on being awarded an expedition to Philmont!
A successful expedition means putting a lot of time and effort into planning. As a Boy Scout or Scoutmaster, you already know this. You’ve already camped, hiked, backpacked, kayaked, and canoed. You’ve had to plan for food, gear, footwear, and oh yeah, how you’re going to get there. Well, get ready, because your Philmont trek will be the biggest outing you’ve ever organized.
That’s why at we provide you with all the information you need to help you plan every aspect of your Philmont Trek. We are all former Philmont staff members and understand that every crew and every trek has is unique with it’s own unique challenges. We’ve been to Philmont on Trek before and we know the only way for you to make the best of your trek is to make sure you have any all the information you may ever need! With our combined experience we’ve got several years of experience camping underneath the Tooth of Time.
There is a lot preparation that goes into getting the ball rolling on your Philmont Trek. We’ve done our best to simplify and organize these as best we can. Before you start filling up your crew with scouts, you need to find out Who Can Go.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Answering the Question

What is Philmont?
Philmont Scout Ranch is the pinnacle of Boy Scouting’s High Adventure Program experiences. It is situated in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of north eastern New Mexico, near the town of Cimarron. Philmont’s terrain is mostly mountainous, with an elevation ranging from 6,500 at Base Camp to 12,441 feet on Mount Baldy. Philmont has more than 23,000 participants in the backcountry hiking/camping programs each summer.

A little background:
Oil millionaire Waite Phillips donated 35,857 acres that was a part of his UU Bar Ranch (UU) in 1939; it became known as “Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp” which existed for three summers, 1939-1941. The headquarters of operations was at Ponil, then known as Five-Points Base Camp.
Mr. Phillips second donation in 1941 included 91,000 acres of land and the “Philtower” office building in Tulsa, Oklahoma to support the work of the Ranch. The “Villa Philmonte” was part of this second donation and had been the summer home for Waite Phillips and his family from its construction in 1926 until it was donated to the Boy Scouts in 1941.
The villa is built in a Mediterranean style like that of their much larger home “Villa Philbrook” in Tulsa. The Villa Philmonte was used early-on as a part of the Philmont Training Center and tours have been given daily in the summer for decades. Most summers over 15,000 visitors take advantage of this tour. The Villa underwent a $1.45 million restoration in the years 2000-2005. The goal was to restore the villa to the way it was, back in 1941, when the villa was donated. The only thing not original on the interior is the rugs which have been replicated to match the originals. To the rear of the villa is the Waite Phillips Photo Gallery which shows many pictures and memorabilia of the Phillips family as well as photos of the recent restoration work. Be sure to schedule a Villa Tour whenever you visit Philmont — it is as beautiful as ever!
On the grounds of the Villa Philmonte at the Training Center, there are Adult Leader Training conferences for Scouters and their families each summer. Daily ‘Age, Gender, and Ability Appropriate’ activities are planned for spouses and children of all the Training Center participants. Total annual attendance at the Training Center is in the 5,000-6,000 range. During the fall, winter and spring, the Training Center is used for short-term conferences for both Scout and non-scout groups, as well as Council, Regional, and Area meetings.

You could call Philmont a “Summer Camp” a BIG summer camp; but is unlike any other ‘summer camp’ anywhere else. It’s the largest Youth Camp in the world! It is over 214 square miles of rugged mountain wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rockies. It is entirely owned by the BSA, with more than 23,000 participants over an 11 week summer period. Of these there were 6000 were Adult Volunteer Leaders. It is the BSA’s epicenter for High Adventure backpacking and backcountry activities for youth over 14 years of age and their adult Advisors. Trek Crews normally consist of seven to twelve participants. There are thirty-four Staffed Camps and more than fifty unstaffed Trail Camps that are operated at the ranch. Last year there were over 1.5 million itinerary hiking miles performed by the Camper Crews, and over 66 thousand hours of conservation work performed on the ranch. We also have access to 85 thousand acres of our neighbor’s own property. “The Philmont” ranch is well respected among the other ranches and the town-folk in Cimarron and the neighboring towns.
The High Adventure activities available at the Staffed Camps range from: Western Lore and Horseback Riding, Black-powder Rifle, 12 Gauge Shotgun and 30.06 Rifle Shooting & Reloading, 3-D Archery, Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Challenge Events, Pole Climbing, Trail Building, Mountain Biking, and other activities.
Interpretive camps include – Homesteading, Mountain Man Rendezvous, Post Civil War Settlers, Rocky Mountain Fur Company, Continental Tie & Lumber Company and Gold Mining & Panning.
You can learn about Wilderness First Aid, Astronomy, Folk Weather Forecasting, Land Navigation & GPS, Leave No Trace, Search and Rescue, Jicarilla Apache Life, Blacksmithing, and Archeology.
Other fun and interesting things you can do - Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Burro Packing and Burro Racing, Challenge Events, Fishing and learning Fly Tying, Historical Lodge Tours, you can Ride a Western Saddle Horse and you can attend Campfires put on by the Staff – campfires, as you’ve never seen before in Scouting!
You can climb mountains! Baldy Mountain 12,441 ft., Mt. Phillips 11,711 ft., Trail Peak 10,242 ft. and the Tooth of Time 9,003 ft.
Want to see wild animals? There are an estimated 1,500-2,000 deer; over 400 elk; 60 antelope; 100-150 bears and wild turkeys on Philmont as well as numerous other animal species. Many times you can see deer wandering about in Base Camp, you can sometimes get as close as 10 feet from a doe and fairly close to her fawn, but the bucks are more skittish.
Like wild flowers? There are 320 species of wild flowers to see around the ranch.
After doing many of these backcountry experiences, you can quaff root beer at the Cantinas, eat a Mexican Homestead Dinner, have a Chuck Wagon Breakfast & Dinner, or have a Dutch oven dessert.
Philmont is a working cattle ranch, with over 300 head of White Face Hereford cattle, 240 horses and 70 burros. There is a heard about 200 head of buffalo that is sometimes visible from the main road. So, what do you need to run a real Western Cattle Ranch? REAL Cowboys and Cowgirls too, are hired for Summer Staff! Then there is Rod Taylor a real Cowboy who is in-charge of the Cattle Department and a fantastic Cowboy-Western singer, who is on the Permanent Staff.
Philmont requires hiring more than 1200 Summer Staff. There is an adult training/conference center, several Museums and the Ernest Thompson Seton Memorial Library ...And a large Prize Winning retail operation called The Tooth of Time Traders; it is a Nationally recognized model for conservation and recreation ...And cattle, horse and burro ranching operations ...And farming operations ...And a medical infirmary that is also a teaching hospital with a pharmacy and a negative-pressure infectious disease room ...And a food service operation serving 750,000 trail meals, 360,000 dining hall meals, 27,500 Chuck Wagon meals, and 45,000 Backcountry Staff meals. …And the support operations for all the above, including a motor-pool. Philmont has Autumn and Winter programs too! For the winter Kanik Experience, each person will walk, ski, or snowshoe along snow-covered trails pulling loaded toboggans or sleds for up to 3 miles, or more on a cross-country ski trek. Oh, and during the summer, Philmont is the 37th largest “city” in the state of New Mexico!

That’s just some of the reasons why we call Philmont “HOmE!” (Heaven On Earth!)
But to even begin to really understand “What is Philmont?” you must first, DO Philmont!
There is no other way!
“For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, none is possible.”
Once you have done Philmont, you too will say,
“IWGBTP!” -- I Wana Go Back To Philmont!

What is Philmont?

Philmont is a magical place.

Philmont is so many things. An absolutely beautiful wilderness. The accomplishment of a challenge. Bonds between people that are hard to describe. Indelible memories. A longing to go back again.

How does Philmont produce a mystical draw on Scouts and Scouters? The story is deeper than just the incredible beauty, the vastness of the ranch, and the tradition of so many Scouts. Philmont is indeed a special place that simply must be experienced to be understood.

The magic of Philmont can be yours. Are you ready to seize the opportunity of a lifetime?

High Adventure:

Philmont is BSA's most active High Adventure backpacking base. Located in New Mexico, more than 650,000 campers and leaders have hiked its 137,493 acre rugged mountain wilderness (215 square miles!). Crews choose from approximately twenty-eight different 12 day, 50 to 100 mile backpacking expeditions through the rugged high-altitude backcountry of the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains. Along the way, they visit many of Philmont's 32 staffed and 50 unstaffed camps featuring rock climbing, black powder rifle shooting, gold panning, blacksmithing, mountain biking, horse and burro riding, spar pole climbing, a climb of 12,441 ft. to Mt. Baldy, and many more fun and challenging programs. Scouts and adults who complete Philmont's rugged wilderness adventure earn the coveted Philmont Arrowhead Award and the 50 Miler Award.

Expeditions leave base camp daily from mid-June through mid-August. Individual troop, crew or team treks account for about two thirds all expeditions, and Council Contingent Expeditions make up the other third. Also there are several individual programs, including a free 28-day program available for individuals looking for a combination trek and service.

Ranger Jake (Jacob Phelps) has a great NEW website for planning your trek to Philmont.

The site is go ahead and take a look. It started out as an idea to help Scouts because he says he has had so many campers in his years as a Philmont Ranger who were not prepared and/or brought the wrong gear.
Troop 50 Thunderbirds has some FREE live recordings from some of the backcountry camps at Philmont including Beaubien, Crater Lake, Cypher's Mine, & Pueblano
(If you can't get them to play, try right-clicking on the PLAY button, and select "play/pause" if this still doesn't work hit PLAY again.

Lots of good Philmont information on the T-50 Thunderbirds site:
Philsongs Songbook
WEB HITS -- As of 12-27-12
All pages with more than 1000 hits

The Rifters (with Rod Taylor)        1023
Photos 09 page 1                                1077
Photos 89                                              1311
Rod T Ridin' Down Canyon             1760
PhilSongs Remembered Days       2083
How to buy CDs                                   2405
Tennessee Boys                                  2568
Poems Stories                                      2593
Philmont Ranger                                 2706
PhilSongs Live from Tooth              3108
Lyrics Download Page                       3288
Rod Taylor – Collection                    3637
Setons Lobo                                           4033
PhilSongs Online                                 5503
Tobasco D Yarn Sessions                   6352
Scouting Fun                                         9852
HOmE Page                                          10151
Tobasco D Sawin' Strings                16747

Total Web Hits:
100,040  (at the time these stats were taken)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How to Wreck a New Computer, just call COMPAQ Tech Support!

There is a new story on My Poems and Stories page:
Back when Microsoft’s “SP-1 Update for Windows XP” was new…

I bought a new Compaq computer, but two months later it went back to Costco (At that time they would accept computers back for up to 6 months)

I had the computer for a month and had installed all the programs I wanted on it by then. While talking to Customer Support on another issue, I mention that I can not register the computer using the telephone modem connection. I had Cable Internet, but at that time, most programs, as well as Windows XP, would not recognize the Cable Internet connection, so instead the telephone modem would attempt to dial out to register the computer, but it had successfully dialed out to register some of my other programs. The Compaq Tech Support had me do a “non-destructive recovery” repair for this ONE TIME only problem.

Then after the “non-destructive recovery” repair is all done, and Windows is starting to load in, the computer is asking for this special patch file. It would NOT continue loading at all, with out the patch file.

Back on the phone again, I learned from an American Tech agent that the Compaq needed a special file to patch between the Microsoft ‘SP-1 Update’ and the Compaq Operating System. (SP-1 was fairly new at the time) but he gave me totally elaborate and confusing directions to the proper website. Then I could not get another American Tech support agent on the phone, it then took 30 DAYS of hassling on the phone with their total idiot East Indian tech support agents.

I was told, “You must be downloading SP-1 from the Windows Update website.” I tell them, “I already have SP-1; I need a patch between SP-1 and the COMPAQ operating system!” They again tell me, “You must be downloading SP-1 from the Windows Update website.” Then “If you are not doing what we are telling you to do, there is nothing we can do to help you. You must be downloading SP-1 from the Windows Update web site.”

One idiot Tech AND his supervisor, both East Indians, living in India, insisted I had to have a Dial-up Internet Service Provider …just to dial out! -- More of the benefits of “outsourcing”!

I had told them that I have Cable Internet! The phone modem was properly hooked up to the phone line, and had registered other programs by phone; this is similar to the sending of a fax.

One entire month goes by of many more horror stories like this, then I finally get an American Tech agent and I am told that I should have installed the patch PRIOR to doing the “non-destruct recovery” He admitted that the first tech messed up in not having me do this first.
After I finally get directed to the proper website that I needed to go to (on another computer of course, the new Compaq has been a “large paper weight” for a month.) that will get me the patch. It turns out after I try to install it, the computer tells me: this is the WRONG PATCH!

Back on the phone AGAIN! That is when find out no patch is available for this particular computer model.

So now the only option I was given was to do a Totally-Destructive-Recovery (T-D-R) (back to the “fresh out-of-the-box state”). This means: No Other Programs. All those programs I had JUST installed would be GONE! All of my saved E-mail correspondence and all my saved files would be gone!

So I finally told Compaq, that I would not do a T-D-R. Because with out them having this patch file available, if I ever needed to do a Recovery AGAIN, it would be once again: “T-D-R - fresh out-of-the-box”.

Then you have all the hassles of reloading all of those other programs. AGAIN! So I told the Tech Supervisor that after all the hassle they put me through; they would have to send me another, BETTER computer, one with the patch available. But they would not go for that, at all, and they insisted that my ONLY option was to do the T-D-R. I told him about buying the computer from Costco and that I could return it posthaste.

The Tech Supervisor INSISTED that I must do the T-D-R and that I would not be able to return the computer.

So I asked the Tech Supervisor, “Can you say, ‘Dude, Your Getting a Dell!!’?”

BTW: This was (originally) typed on the new DELL.

Since then, Compaq was purchased by Hewlett Packard… nothing has changed.

In May of 2010, I bought a HP printer, after I brought it home I noticed that there was a note on the box that said, “Some features may not be available with Windows 7”. I called HP and got back to some of their “highly knowledgeable and competent” East Indian Tech Support agents, to ask about: “What features will be unavailable with Windows 7?” Four phone calls later, and after a lot of listening to some crappy music on hold for 55 minutes on just one of those calls, I was no more knowledgeable about my question than when I first read the note.

One memorable statement that I was told, “Never mind what the box says, you are installing the printer, not the box!”

The HP Printer went back to the store …unopened.

...and that's the way it was goin' West

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

PHILMONT SONGBOOK - PhilSongs HOmE Page - by pineapplefish56

PHILMONT SONGBOOK - PhilSongs HOmE Page - by pineapplefish56:
Come see what I have done to my HOmE Page!
I never did like the way it looked before, but now it looks much better.

"These pages are dedicated to the Philmont Staff members who have Written, Sung,
Played and Recorded these songs for our continued enjoyment of the Philmont experience,
...and to the generosity of Waite Phillips who made it all possible."

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

ME - This and That - 2006 Philmont Trek - PhilSongs

Boy Scout Leader, OA Brotherhood honor, Outdoor kind of guy, Retired Firefighter, Author, Computer Geek.
Webmaster for the PHILMONT PhilSongs Songbook WEBSITE:
Loves Dogs, allergic to CATS!
Used to have several marine aquariums, way back when I lived in Hawaii.
I collect all BSA things.

People I would like to meet: All the Philmont Song writers and musicians.
In 2006, I finally made it back HOmE for the Philmont Trek 9, 7-28.
I got to meet three of the Tobasco Donkeys: Andy Gerhart, 'Dirty Larry' McLaughlin and Mike Griffis.
Spencer (Crater Lake 06) had just bought a new banjotar and received a lesson in the Advisors Lounge from Mike. See Page 2 of 2006 Photos.
Then at Baldy Town, I met ROD TAYLOR !!!! He was there to drop off some bales of hay for the horses that were coming in. He seldom gets that far north! See Page 7 of 2006 Photos.
I later met George Michaels at the OA W3b Conclave (He wrote the Black Mountain Cabin Song on the 'Philsongs - Remembered Days' album) I had noticed he had a Philmont Staff Arrowhead on his uniform and had been talking to him for quite a while, about Philmont, and my website. I looked down at his ID card that we had all been given, when I recognized his name!
I guess he hadn't mentioned it before, or if he did, it didn't ring a bell! George gave me some little known details about when and where he wrote the Black Mountain Cabin Song. It was originally written NOT AT or ABOUT 'Black Mountain'! As I recall, he was working on Staff at the 'French Henry' camp and it was about the cabin at 'French Henry' when he wrote it, and first sung it, but it was late in the season. The next year he was on Staff at 'Black Mountain' - so he just changed the title. Many more people heard it sung originally by him at Philmont as 'Black' then heard it sung as 'French'.

Getting back HOmE to Philmont and meeting some of my heroes.
Now I call THAT a really GREAT Summer!

PHILMONT PhilSongs Songbook WEBSITE:
The songs listed in the Philmont Songbooks contain ALL the lyrics from the CD’s produced for the Philmont Scout Ranch.
  • Philsongs-Remembered Days
  • A Philmont Collection by Rod Taylor
  • The Tobasco Donkeys – Sawin' on the Strings
  • Rod Taylor – Ridin' Down the Canyon
  • Live From the Tooth - Philsongs II
  • The Rifters
  • The D.O.T.B. - The Tennessee Boys

PRINT YOUR OWN PHILMONT SONGBOOKS!All downloadable song lyrics are found on the 'Lyrics Download' page and nicely formatted for printing. Go ahead and download a copy of any of the songbooks and print them out for your self.
On the Scouting Fun Page: There are some other goodies... that I have either Created, Made Major Improvements To... or Completely Misappropriated.
– pineapplefish56

Friday, September 03, 2004

Scouting Fun Stuff - Documents for Outdoors and Elsewhere...

Scouting Fun Stuff - Documents for Outdoors and Elsewhere...

Philmont PhilSongs Songbook

I have UPDATED THE FILE and added GRAPHICS to the otherwise blank areas.
The newest version is now v4.8 and made some other improvements to:
PhilSongs Sing-Along Songbook .

Download the MS Word or .pdf file at:

That is where to always find the latest version of the PhilSongs Songbook.

I am still needing a bit of lyrics help on just one line of lyrics for
Ridin' Down the Canyon's "Ole Will"
The Rifters and D.O.T.B. need several lines of lyrics
-- Any help will be greatly appreciated. --

On the "Scouting Fun" page there are some other goodies that I have either Created,
Made Major Improvements To...
or Completely Misappropriated...
Such as: a whole lot of my favorite Philmont Photos.

The PhilSongs Sing-Along Songbooks can also be accessed at PSA web-site called: 'PSA Merchandise' then look for 'Music/Books' then Downloadable "Philsongs Songbook".
I have scanned some Philmont photos from when I was there in 1989 & 2006, and added them to my web site.
They are in the photo album aptly named: "My Own Philmont Photos"
They are at the web site:

All of my files have been scanned for viruses by Norton

Please feel free to just open for viewing and/or to download the files to your computer.
They are in the big fat .bmp file format, so you will need to take some time opening them.

David Lagesse

Download Live Recordings From Philmont

Download Live Recordings From Philmont
Recorded LIVE at Philmont at some of the Campfires and the Cypher's Cabin Stomp.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Bill Mulrenin's Blog-Spot on FAKE New York State OA issues.
The purpose of his blog is to publish information about new Lodge and Chapter issues from New York State OA Lodges, share information on the discovery of older uncatalogued issues, warnings about fakes, spoof, and reproductions and other information/musings that may be of interest to other NY OA Collectors.